Reflecting on S Hud: 1-24

Do I ever conceal Allah’s message for fear of disapproval? Is this different from giving Da’wah with wisdom?

I can think back to a couple of times, even quite recently, where I have let go of an opportunity to stop someone from doing wrong. I told myself it was because I did not want to come off too strict all at once, and have them think that they could not share things with me. However, this very clearly falls into the category of not stopping someone for fear of disapproval. If I am truly a well wisher for them, I will do my best to protect from harmful things. I always think I do not have the right words, but I forget that the perfect, most effective words are right before me in the Quran. The Prophets (AS) never kept any part of the message to themselves either. InshaAllah I have resolved to always tell someone of their mistake, but gently and kindly, so that it doesn’t feel like criticism.

Sana Ahmad

Alhumdolillah all my life I have been a very upfront person – sadly with or without hikmah! But now since I have started reverting back to the Quran all aspects of life, I have become more confident in my dealings. And where I am not sure, I turn to Allah. I feel everything can be taken back with an example of an event, a person, an analogy, an example, a reference to an ayah of the Qur’an – the word of Allah. If I know it for sure, I never conceal it. Rather I am vocal about it. It is not my word. It is Allah’s word so it is the truth, whether people approve of it or disapprove of it, they are no one to pass the judgment on it. And nor does their judgment really matter.

When you do pass on the message of Allah, then it becomes dawah, and usually I have found that with this intention, the hikmah follows usually. When you do dawah for the right reasons and with the right intentions, keeping your own feelings aside (as Prophets were taught to do), then the Message gets conveyed, you don’t pocket the reaction and hikmah results! The moment you begin taking the dawah process personally or internalizing it, then like Mariam Baji said – you’ve lost the battle. When you stop believing it to be your word against theirs, then you are in reality making Allah responsible for guarding His own word which He has already promised to do so anyways. So what is the big deal in passing the Message on? Why be afraid? You’re just doing your job and the job actually then becomes very simple.

Additionally, I have learned that there is bound to be disapproval. So when disapproval comes my way, I have to smile! The word of Allah is so True that it stands out so much so that people who are disapproving it, if they hear their own remarks will be ashamed or even amused they said it. No one can say: what you’re saying is wrong when Allah says so in the Quran Himself. That is the ultimate Hikmah.

Safia Kemal

About Quran Reflections

Al-Huda's branch at Khayaban-e-Sehar is one of the few Quran courses being regularly conducted in Karachi, Pakistan, where the mode of instruction and examination is English. The students and teachers have decided to upload their reflections on the Quran and class notes on this blog, in order to be available to a global audience for the latter's benefit and inspiration.
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