Reflecting on Surah Al-Isra: 60-65

“Am I safe from the attacks of Shaitan? Consider his weapons. Have I fallen prey to any of them? How can I protect myself?”

I am definitely not safe from the attacks of Shaitan. The weapons that I have fallen prey to are :

Cell phone and Laptop
Diseases of the heart : Waswas, jealously etc

I have fallen prey to all of these weapons. 

I try not to watch television and if someone were to ask me I would say I don’t watch television and I keep telling myself I don’t …. or so I think I don’t. Every time I pass by the television, when my siblings are watching, I stop for a while and watch. If what’s on is interesting I’ll start asking them questions. Then I sit down, telling myself I’ll just watch it till the commercial break comes because I have to pray now. Before the commercial break comes they’ll show a clip of what’s coming up after the break and it’ll seem interesting , so I’ll sit and continue to watch, and before I know it an hour and a half have passed and I’m still sitting in front of the television.  

I tell myself I don’t watch television. Like I won’t take the remote, switch on the television and sit back and watch. I’ll be passing by and my siblings will be watching and I’ll sit and watch. But isn’t that like watching TV. also? If someone were to switch on the Disney channel right now , there would be a 95% chance that I’ve already seen what’s coming on and around 80% chance that I’ve seen it more than once.  

This is one of the greatest ways in which Shaitan attacks me . Telling me to just watch for a while or it’s not really your fault, someone else is watching, you’re just sitting around. I do have a choice to get up and leave. 

Alhamdulillah I don’t listen to songs and have stopped a long time ago but it’ll be on TV so I do witness it and occasionally turn to the TV to watch or listen to it. 

When using my laptop , I usually get a 5 mins work done in an hour because I’m busy looking at people’s profiles and pictures on face book : another major way in which Shaitan attacks me. 

Shaitan also attacks me a lot with his whispers in my heart : making me despair at times or telling me its no use seeking forgiveness or repenting or that because I’m a Muslim I’m safe and don’t really have to do a lot of good deeds etc.  

I can protect myself from the Shaitan by reading the morning and evening duas . Alhamdulillah I always do this and rarely leave it. I should also keep my connection with the Quran strong : reciting it daily , listening to it and reflecting on the verses. I can protect myself from keeping me away from places where I fear that I may be attacked by Shaitan and always keep myself in the company of righteous people. I should also make dua. Dua is a powerful weapon and without a doubt it’s strong enough to combat Shaitan’s weapons.Naheed/.;l

 Shaitan is stubbornly bent upon causing the destruction of mankind. We must always be aware of this. He does not become complacent; he is constantly inciting human beings to do evil. If he never rests, how can we ever feel safe? How can WE become complacent when he is so devoted to his cause?

His weapons are:

His voice; as far as music is concerned, I used to listen to it but after years of trying to stop, Alhamdulillah, I finally managed to do so for quite some time now. It is impossible, unfortunately to take it out of our lives completely, as it might be playing in shops, restaurants, cars passing by etc. I feel these ayahs were revealed to me at a very important time as a test lies ahead, in the form of a wedding of my cousin. I hope not only to avoid music myself but also stop others, without offending them Insha’Allah. As far as idle entertainment is concerned, it is easy to avoid in the month of Ramadan and I hope Insha’Allah after it as well. Again, at the wedding when I’m with my family, I hope to avoid backbiting, useless conversations etc, and anything that would take me away from the remembrance of Allah.

His army;   there are many amongst men who choose to become of the party of shaitan, but most do so unknowingly. I think I might know some such people, but I think that the way to deal with them is not to cut off from them completely, rather to remind them gently and patiently of what is right and wrong. This is incredibly difficult with peers and older people, as they immediately get defensive, but the gift of the Quran must be shared, and for this one must know what to say, when to say it, and when no to say anything at all. At all time , constantly we must make du’a for others and ourselves as well.

Him taking a part of our wealth and children; I do not have a lot of wealth, but I try to analyze how I spend what I do have, or what I ask my mother to spend on for me. When I spend on myself, it is usually on food. I try to spend on others, especially on my mother. Alhamdulillah I try to give what I can in charity.

At first I thought the second part of this did not apply to me, as I have no children. But I then I thought, don’t I share the responsibility or the tarbeeah of my sibling’s children? If the brothers and sisters of parent have rights upon the children, don’t they also have a responsibility? Alhamdolillah both my brothers and their wives are excellent parents, and they have wonderful children who will Insha’Allah grow to be very good muslims, but I have to do my part, whatever I can, whenever I can.Although I might be doing these things already,I must make my intention to do it for Allah alone. In fact, the children of our society at large are also our responsibility, to some degree. This is not something I had considered before, but something that I plan to work towards Insha’Allah.

Him making false promises; What shaitan know best is how to lie, how to delude. The transitory world is so full of glitter, that it becomes difficult to see beyond it. Any good here pales in comparison to akhira, and this is what we must remember at all time. Dunya can be compromised for akhira, but never the other way around.

The best way to protect yourself is with the weapon of du’a. We must seek constant refuge with Allah from shaitan and his evil whisperings. We must also be constant in our dhikr, istighfar etc.We must also be righteous, as Allah protects the righteous amongst His slaves.

Sana Ahmad

No one is saved from the attach of shaitan. It is a constant war in this world, and we need to be very wary of it. What more guidance do we want from Allah (SWT) where He has clearly defined for us our enemy. I have fallen prey to shaitan even after coming to the Qur’an. The difference now is that alhumdulillah I realize it instantly that shaitan is out there and he wants my soul. An ayah or hadith screams out in my head and I quickly brush away the evil thought with a zikr. When I do fall pray in times of anger or stress, I quickly realize that I have just been won over by shaitan. At this point I make a lot of dua and do istighfar and taubah.

I have tried various ways to protect myself. Sometimes people find it funny and ridicule how can zikr of Allah can drive the thirst away during Ramadan when shaitan is inciting you to just go and take a small sip of water. Or when someone is saying oh how practicing you are – you must be very close in the sight of Allah and you feel, oh I am so pious. But they work:

1. Dhikr : Immediate verbalization of audhubillahi minashaitan nir rajeem – Poof the thought goes away and your original reaction to fitrah prevails. But it doesn’t end there. The thought will come back so it is a continuous exercise.

2. Salah: Astaeenu bisabri wasalah – seek help through patience and prayer. The dhikr drives away the shaitan but what continues to keep it away is salah.

3. Recitation of the Quran also helps me tremendously. It is not funny but on almost  all occasions, when you open up the Qur’an at a time when you feel weak and almost inclined towards the footsteps of shaitan, you open up the Qur’an, the ayahs that will come up in your recitation are the answer to the problem you are facing at the time. Qur’an helps overcome your weakness when you feel extremely vulnerable. This is the miracle of the Qur’an subhanallah.

4. Doing wudhu also helps. It reminds you of your purpose and remember shaitan is made out of fire!

5. Also move away from the situation that is tempting you. I have tried that and it works. That is why in anger it is recommended to change one’s position. Even anger management classes tell you this.

What Quran has given me is the REALIZATION that I am being trapped! If you don’t even know what and who you are fighting, where is the wisdom in fighting then? I thank Allah each day for the blessing of the Quran given to me. Alhumdulillah.

Safia Kemal

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Al-Huda's branch at Khayaban-e-Sehar is one of the few Quran courses being regularly conducted in Karachi, Pakistan, where the mode of instruction and examination is English. The students and teachers have decided to upload their reflections on the Quran and class notes on this blog, in order to be available to a global audience for the latter's benefit and inspiration.
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