Reflecting on Surah Taha:77-104

Life of Duniya will seem like but a day on the Day of Judgment. What does it seem like now? How much do I invest in Duniya as compared to the hereafter?

It is easy for us to live for dunya because we live in dunya, and the results of what we work for can be seen relatively sooner than the results of what we work for regarding akhira. Due to this, we tend to push the efforts for akhira in to the background, reserving them for ‘old age’ or for ‘when we have time’, while dunya comes to the forefront. However, as Muslims our faith in the akhira should be strong enough so that it remains the focus of our lives.

The time and effort I invest in dunya are more than akhira. However, one way to overcome this is to be regular in azkar, for e.g. even when going out to do something for dunya or while driving, we can recite surahs or azkar.Another thing we have to do is to rectify our intentions, for e.g. when going to visit relatives, we should do it for the pleasure of Allah rather than only for the pleasure of the relatives. We also have to learn to separate what is truly a necessity of duniya from what we do just for entertainment.

Sana Ahmad 

As we have aged, the concept of time has also changed with us. I remember being a teenager and would sleep in on weekends until the afternoon. Days seemed long then. Now I think back, what a waste of time it was; I could have used it for such valuable other things. With the study of the Qur’an, time has become a very important element in my life. Time seems not enough in a day to fulfill all the daily activities to keep my household running. They are important activities, but then I want to get over them quickly to go back to my study of the Quran or reading the Quran or listening to the Quran. Quran has dominated my life alhumdulillah. And when you’re connected with the Qur’an, you are automatically reminded of akhirah.

Also another concept related to time that has got me thinking is: what if I don’t have much life left. What if I die tomorrow – am I ready with baggage full of good deeds to have life end just yet? The answer of course is no. Am I ready to cross over the bridge Sirat? The honest answer is also, one can never be completely ready so each time that we have needs to be utilized to its maximum to at least say to Allah – we tried our very best in all sincerity and Please Forgive us for where we could have actually done better.

Alhumdullilah for our deen that we are able to go about our daily routine in the duniya and with keeping Allah in perspective, we are also preparing for Akhirah! Allah could not have made it any simpler than this. But this only comes with keeping a conscious mind- being fully aware that our tongues have stopped doing tasbeeh and our mind is wandering here and there leaving opening for shaitan to creep in subtly. We have to be aware that our hearts are deviating from the remembrance of Allah even in our salah when we start thinking of what the next meal will consist of!

A day can seem like a lifetime if it is productive and if wasted it can seem like nothing. When we hit the bed at night, we should sleep with the thought, I have fully utilized this day to what Allah wants me to do, and if we have not then we should make the resolution that may Allah make my tomorrow more productive than it was, because on the day of accountability, we will stand thinking life passed with a blink of an eye, but in actuality we have all the time to make the most of it with an average lifespan in Pakistan as per Wikepedia:

Rank 136

Country (State/territory)  Pakistan

Life expectancy at birth (years): 64.49
Overall Life expectancy at birth (years) Male 63.4

 Life expectancy at birth (years) Female 65.64

 Safia Kemal 

There are times when I forget the reality of this life that it is too short compared to the akhira. Nevertheless, my days pass by so fast that I can’t seem to keep track of weeks, months and now even the year passes by really fast. Recently, after going through the Quran and staying in touch with it I have realized that duniya is too short. Moreover, when one hears of deaths, especially untimely deaths the reality of this short life seems even more real.

I should invest a lot more for akhira than I am currently investing. I was analyzing how most of my day is spent working for duniya. For instance, sometimes I feel that I am spending too much time on cooking. So in order to make cooking or any other task like exercising akhira oriented I try to do zikr or listen to an Islamic lecture. It is important to remember that everything can be an ibadat provided it is done for Allah’s sake and in accordance with the sunnah of Prophet (saw).
Another beneficial thing would be to know that our smallest of deed is written down so I must be careful in small things also. I should consciously watch what my tongue utters, what my eyes see, and what I hear from  my ears.

A Student of the Quran

About Quran Reflections

Al-Huda's branch at Khayaban-e-Sehar is one of the few Quran courses being regularly conducted in Karachi, Pakistan, where the mode of instruction and examination is English. The students and teachers have decided to upload their reflections on the Quran and class notes on this blog, in order to be available to a global audience for the latter's benefit and inspiration.
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